December 01, 2017
SME Instrument Phase1 Grant Agreement Signed

Rubedo Sistemos has successfully signed SME Instrument Phase 1 grant agreement under Horizon 2020 programme for the marketing feasibility study of its innovative 3D perception system Rubedo CVM. The estimated project cost is €71,500 out of which €50,000 is EU contribution.

One of the major driving forces for the 3D perception market is the increasing use of mobile robots and drones for multiple applications. Without reliable vision and particularly depth perception unmanned vehicles are unable to detect obstacles and adaptively plan motion paths. Moreover, the new generation of robotic machines strongly depend on the ability to acquire, organize, and interpret surrounding visual data in real-time in order to stay aware of the environmental situation and act adequately.

Thorough analysis of market and user needs as well as an elaboration of a business plan is needed in order to ensure successful commercialization of Rubedo CVM. This feasibility study project will help validating the market in addition to providing a stepping-stone for future preparation of investor readiness as well as serve as a roadmap for market replication of the product.

Call: H2020-SMEINST-2016-2017
Topic: Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme
Project Number: 791714
Project Title: Feasibility Study for the Rubedo CVM – Innovative Optical Computer Vision Module for Unmanned Vehicles
Project Start Date: 01 Dec 2017

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