provides an open automated platform for mobile network end-to-end performance testing in both real and RF channel-simulated environments.
Application Areas
Whether you are developing new network products or operating a mobile network, cFRAME can accelerate essential application and network performance testing and leverage test bed resources to increase efficiency and automation. cFRAME is specifically designed to support applications where choreography and remote control of distributed / shared test objects play a key role.


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Ran testing landscape

Mobile product testing is increasingly given a greater priority for network engineers. The growing number of variants, frequency of versions, complexity and functionality coupled with the faster rate that new products are released has influenced new product development and integration. As a result, testing has become very extensive and hard to manage manually. New testing and simulation processes are needed to eliminate errors already in the lab, because field testing is both time-consuming and expensive.
Automated testing provides objective evidence of product performance, availability and quality sooner (QoS). It allows setting promise points and defining a time-to-market schedule with confidence. Not only can it influence resource planning and optimization, but have an overall positive ROI impact on R&D, maintenance, product image and user satisfaction (QoX).

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RAN trends


Proliferation of mobile networks


Growth of services an data throughput


Radio spectrum saturation (competing standards)

Testing trends


E2E test bed automation


Testing against a set of KPIs


Simulated environment testing

Key features




Data throughput testing / monitoring


Data services testing / monitoring


PTP/PTMP communication link testing


Remote control of test objects (AP, CN server, UE)


RF channel simulation control




SUT control from any node


User-definable test scenarios and tool sets


Triggering one scenario from another scenario


Log output to single/multiple files/windows


Automatic aggregation of log files over FTP




IPv6 PTP used for internal communication


Telnet / SSH used for external communication


Supports Win-XP and Win-7 platforms


Light-weight and resource not hungry


C# scripting language

Feature summary


cFRAME acts as the universal remote control for most RF channel emulation devices, traffic analysis tools, etc.


cFRAME allows defining ad-hoc subnets with required network nodes & resources and running custom test scripts.


cFRAME can collect, organize, and upload test output data to the specified FTP address for subsequent offline analysis.

Engineer and Bottom Line Benefits

Automated Testing


No more terminal windows overhead


No more manual input to remote user applications


No more manual scheduling of user applications


No more server administration to join new nodes to the map

Improved Cycle-time


Reduced labor cost due to less running time


Reduced HW/SW tools cost due to better reuse


Shorter time-to-market of higher quality products

Improved Quality


Fewer defects, resulting in less rework


Fewer returns, resulting in less reprocessing costs


Reduced time spent handling customer complaints


No test-retest variability (repeatable measurements)

Throughput testing automation example

Throughput testing is intrinsically labor-intensive, hence perfect candidate for automation. In the above example 4 tests were used to automatically emulate full spectrum of channel conditions for data download / upload over TCP and UDP and produced 6 performance measurements indicative of maximum sustained and peak measured throughput.