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services overview


From the global industry leaders like ELEKTA and NOKIA SOLUTIONS AND NETWORKS to local organizations, large and small, trust us to deliver quality services on schedule and on budget. We have successfully managed a number of contracts encompassing project management, development, testing, training, and support services.

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Our service stack

Software development life-cycle is a set of processes of which actual development is just one. Depending on your resource gap, we can offer either full stack or assorted services from the following list:


features and benefits

expertise access

Access to Expertise


Expertise in Healthcare, Telecom, Logistics industries


Thoughtful coverage of full software engineering life-cycle


Dedicated multidisciplinary specialist team, M.Sc. of CS


Fast access to additional resources through our partners


Security of Intellectual Property


Comprehensive measures to secure your confidential information


EU-wide shared rules of information and artifacts protection


Secure IP rights transfer along with design output


Seamless Communication


Design management process optimized for remote clients


Productive and secure communication flow at little cost


Rich collaborative infrastructure and services


24/7 development progress monitoring in real-time!

engagement models

Our experience shows that either delivery time (price) or project scope can be fixed. Fixing time (price) results in variable project scope; fixing scope results in variable delivery time (price). In either case we will manage it transparently and flexibly in your best interest.

Time and Material


Best applicable when project scope cannot be precisely defined


Customer pays according to the time and resources expended


Faster kick-off when compared to Fixed Price

Fixed price


Best applicable for low-uncertainty routine tasks


Customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price linked to agreed deliverables


For any changes in scope a predefined fixed hourly rate is paid

Development Center


Best applicable for continuous open-end collaboration


Customer pays fixed monthly rate for the dedicated team


Extension of customer’s software engineering facility

Still unsure about the process? Just call and we will: